About InfoProcess

InfoProcess is an Australian company and specialises in Windows Internals and Security Research. With main focus on kernel mode and user mode hooking, we solve two critical real-life problems:

  • Traditional Anti-Virus solutions fail to detect the ever growing number of sophisticated zero-day attacks. Our product AntiHook SDK provides an easy way to detect and stop all advanced malware, zero-day and APT attacks that bypass the existing signature based Anti-Virus solutions.
  • There are thousands of applications that need to be customised and instrumented, but their source code is not available or hopelessly unmaintainable. Well, the good news is - no source code - no problems! Modernise and customise existing Windows applications and extend them to meet the new needs.

Application Customisation Framework SDK
(formerly known as HookTool SDK)

Application Customisation Framework addresses a challenging problem that many companies face. The problem: Large number of many solutions are still using legacy code whose code base sometimes goes back over 15 years. So how do you customise these applications?

The solution: Leveraging Application Customisation Framework allows new custom code written in modern languages (like C++ or C# or even VB.NET) to be injected into existing applications to influence extend and instrument the application's behaviour.

AntiHook SDK

Kernel mode solution for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. The product integrates with Windows kernel and provides an easy way to monitor system behaviour by intercepting process/thread and activity, registry modifications, file I/O operations and network activity.

AntiHook SDK is now part of Vinsula Execution Engine.

Malware Analysis

Ivo's blog: Analysis of real-world zero-day attacks and malware - http://vinsula.com/security-blog

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